Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Should you have a problem with an engine or part purchased, please ring ALLNISS4WD. DO NOT DISMANTLE ANY ASSEMBLY such as engines, gearbox’s and differential’s, as they are only covered by warranty whilst they are still complete and intact. All guarantees and warranties are null and void if the assembly is dismantled. Incorrect or poor fitting, failure to carry out proper maintenance, modifications or non-original use will void warranty.

  • Parts must be fitted by a qualified mechanic/licenced repairer.
  • Broken or damaged gears in gearboxes and differentials are not covered by warranty.
  • All engines carry a 60 day changeover warranty, unless otherwise specified.
  • All turbo chargers are guaranteed to work at start up only.

It should be noted that AllNiss4WD will not be responsible for:

  • Any labour/towing costs of parts replacement.
  • Any costs of unauthorised repair work.
  • Any consequential damage or costs, loss of income or demurrage/downtime that may arise from the use of parts

Before installing an engine, gearbox, transmission or mechanical parts, the following items must be carried out:

  • Ensure that the cooling system is in good condition, check/flush radiator, test cap, thermostat and hoses etc.
  • Replace all oils, oil filters, fuel filter and air cleaner.
  • Use the correct oil and lubricants, and keep them at the recommended level.
  • Timing belts must be checked prior to installation and replaced if required. AllNiss4WD warranty does not extend to damage caused by timing belt failure.
  • All oil seals must be checked and replaced if needed, Leaking seals are not covered by warranty.
  • For diesel engine fits, you are required to service injectors and injector pump, no warranty will be given on engines that have damage caused by fault injectors and/or pump.
  • Use of aftermarket ECU (computer) voids warranty.
  • Water pumps need to be checked for wear or corrosion, and replaced if necessary.
  • Failure to comply with these points will void warranty given. Any damage caused by over-heating, lack of proper lubricants, heat tab failure, or missing heat tab, will be the customer’s liability. Engine are sold bare long, therefore engine accessories are not covered under warranty.


  • Exchanges and Credit notes within 7 days are subject to management approval
  • Parts will only be accepted back if they are in the same condition as sold.
  • A 20% handling and re-stocking fee applies to all returned for credit, unless otherwise waived by management.
  • Shipping/Freight Charges and packaging costs are NOT REFUNDABLE.
  • Parcels and parts are sold as inspected, and it is up to the customer to ensure the correct make, model and body type is given, as we cannot be held responsible if the incorrect information given.
  • All goods must be returned to ALLNISS4WD, freight pre-paid for inspection prior to warranty being acted upon.
  • Customers are not entitled to a refund for change of mind, or if they ordered the wrong part.
  • No credit will be given for items specially procured for the customer, or for body cut sections.
  • All repairs made without the consent of ALLNISS4WD will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Warranty, terms and conditions are non-transferrable and non-negotiable.
  • ALLNISS4WD will not be responsible for any verbal or implied representations.
  • Limit of liability shall not exceed the original purchase price of goods sold.




  • The above conditions of sale constitute the basis of agreement between our customers and us. Accepting delivery of goods detailed on any of our invoices is acknowledgment of the above conditions of sale.

Please retain this Tax Invoice/Receipt, as any claims, warranty or trade-in will not be allowed unless accompanied by this receipt (or official receipt number is given).