Old Car Removal Melbourne – All Suburbs

Do you have an old car that no longer works that you want to get rid of from your property? The Team from AllNiss4WD Wreckers will come an remove your car for free. In some cases if the car is still in some sort of condition you may even get paid for it. Every day we receive calls from people all over Melbourne wanting to get paid cash for cars. Call our sales team to get the best price for your old car or to have it removed from your property for free.

When we pick up your old car using one of our tow trucks we’ll try and salvage any useful parts. Most of the time though the car goes straight to the scrap yards where it is crushed and sent overseas. So when you call us for old car removal in Melbourne please don’t expect us to offer you a ton of money. However if you do have a late model car that needs a little work to get back on the road but you’d prefer to sell it, we would be interested in that.